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■ 1998

 GI FAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in year 1998.

 We start our LCD business from TN 、STN LCD and COB LCM. With many years of OEM experience, Gi Far become not only a professional OEM LCM manufacturer but also a ODM manufacturer.

■ 2000


 Pass the ISO9001、ISO14001.

■ 2002

 COG module productivity achieves 600Kpcs / month ( 1 Chip /  panel, 4 sets , 5K / per day )

 TAB module productivity achieves 750Kpcs / month ( 1 TCP / panel, 5 sets, 5K / per day)

■ 2003

 Gi Far invested in TFT technology and start TFT LCM business, hope to provide high end products to the customers. Our assembly partner is in Taoyuan, Taiwan, the main size is small-medium size for industrial  field.

■ 2004

 Start to develop LCM solution projects such as : USB / RS232 / RS485 / Wireless system.

■ 2006

 New development release: Monochrome LCM with USB / RS232 / RS485 interface.

■ 2007

 New development release: Control interface for TFT LCM: MCU / RS232 / USB (based on resolution: 320x240).

 The users could drive TFT LCM only with 8-bit or 16-bit data bus, just like the way they drive monochrome LCM.

■ 2008

 New development release: Wireless LCD module

■ 2009

 New LCD type release: FSC.

 Invest a monochrome assembly line in Taipei for the sample orders & urgent demands.

■ 2010

 COG module productivity achieves 1.7KKpcs / month ( 1 Chip / panel)TAB module productivity achieves 1.0KKpcs / month ( 1 TCP / panel)

■ 2011

 New development release: TFT with MCU interface

■ 2012

 The capital sum increased to be US$ 4KK.

■ 2012  ~2013

 Keep developing TFT LCM with interface: RS232 / SPI / I2C..

■ 2013

 Start the new factory building construction - With scale: 3300㎡.

 Add 2 wire bonding equipments for COB working procedure.

■ 2014



 Audit pass by Hitachi.

 New factory in Taiwan is still under construction and will be completed in August 2016.

With customer orientation, Gi Far Tech. will keep developing new projects for better solutions and create more value to the end products.

We hope to assist with your project and provide efficient solution for you and let us win the business race together!!