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> Quality Policy

Quality policy:

Since the establishment of the company, in line with the concept of customer-oriented, 
the company has formulated a quality policy (unique, satisfactory) business philosophy to satisfy and stimulate the market. 
In order to implement the quality policy, we are committed to:

(1) Comprehensive quality
    - Quality participation of all staff
    - Quality across all departments.
    - All-round quality of performance.

(2) Operation standardization  
    - Production rationalization
    - Institutionalization of management
    - Operational efficiency

(3) Customer satisfaction
    - Satisfaction with product quality
    - Satisfaction with transaction services
    - Satisfied with accurate delivery


Environmental Policy:

The purpose of business operation is to enhance the well-being and sustainable development of human beings. 
While engaging in business activities, they should fulfill their social responsibilities and devote themselves to environmental protection, 
so as to promote the company's goal of both sustainable management and environmental protection. 
To achieve this goal, all employees of the company will obey the following policies as the code of conduct:

1. Abide by and comply with relevant government environmental regulations.
2. Establish an environmental management system, regularly evaluate the implementation effect and continuously improve.
3. Continue to reduce pollution and waste, and achieve pollution prevention and reduction.
4. Educate and enhance employees' awareness of environmental protection.